Red maple tree on TCC campus

Why TCC?

From our long tradition of educating South Sound students to our affordability and high-quality programs, there are many reasons why TCC makes sense for you.

Group of men standing on construction equipment at TCC campus in 1965. Black and white photo.A history of an open door education

Since 1965, TCC has offered students the opportunity to receive top-notch college education close to home—and at an affordable cost. We’ve educated more than 500,000 students since we started, adding programs, expanding our campus and ensuring that we grow right along with our students.


TCC provides a cost-effective way for students to start their college career.

$4,747 TCC annual tuition
1/3 Cost of most public, four-year universities in Washington state
47% Students receive financial Aid
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Getting the grades

TCC has been recognized for its academic excellence, service to veterans and more.

Our campus profile

TCC’s diverse student body is part of what makes our college great. Our students vary in age, life experience and educational goals. Once they complete their TCC experiences, they move on to four-year universities or head into the workforce, ready for their next career chapter.

TCC students standing by the pillars in the Campus commons


Our Community Impact 

See how our students and employees make a positive economic impact on our community. 



What can TCC do for you?

TCC can put you on the path to success, whether it’s through a two-year degree, a new career, or helping you start your four-year university education.

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Our Doors Are Open to You